Best AR Cleaning Tools Reviews 2022

If you are an owner AR 15 you know that you have to clean your rifle with the best AR cleaning tools. Because hunting,  plinking, self-defense, and competition shooting has become quite a common thing for AR 15 owners. Most owners of the AR 15’s need to be handled a little differently because the AR 15’s are little different than other guns.

But the cleaning tools are not necessary for other firearms. This tools are specifically designed and important for AR-15. There are many cleaning tools on the market that’s currently available. Between them, we have analyzed the top 5 AR cleaning tools.

If you are the owner of an AR 15, then you can consider which tool is better for you. In this article, we have put together the best overall collection for you. If you want to check the cleaning tools, so you keep reading.

Our list of the Best AR cleaning tools

  1. CAT Outdoors Barrel Scraping Tool – Best value
  2. Real Avid MSR Scraper – BCG Carbon Removal Tool – Best Overall
  3. Real Avid Carbon Boss – Carbon Removal Multitool – Best Quality Tools
  4. Otis Technology The B.O.N.E; Tool – Best AR Cleaner Tool

Cat Barrel Scraping tool for your Gun Maintenance – Best Value

Cat barrel scraping tool for your gun maintenance Best Value

This product is very effective that’s provide advanced formula for your gun cleaning and maintenance. The combat application tool is one of the best tools because this tool is the standard military issue AR Cleaning tool. There are many carbon removal tools on the market. Among them, cat is the most popular AR cleaning tool that cleans the bolt carrier.

Most people have used this product. They have no complaints about this tool. Besides it’s lightweight, very sturdy, and reasonably priced, and a perfect design for AR15. This product is great for cleaning firing pins and it is a solid piece of stainless steel.


  • It can remove carbon builds up quickly from the bolt carrier group, and firing the pin flange.
  • stainless smooth steel
  • It provides an easy way to clean your gun.
  • This product made in the use
  • It’s specifically designed for Sporting Rifle Enthusiast

Real Avid MSR Scraper – BCG Carbon Removal Tool – Best Quality Tool

Real Avid MSR Scraper

This carbon removal tool for a .223/5.56 caliber. It cleans different parts of the BCG and is sized for a smaller caliber. This is a great tool that has a semi-rounded spot on the tool and even it makes the wire brush set useless.
It provides a faster cleaning formula than brushes and other solvent, also it removes carbon faster and easily. This tool carbon fouling build-up quickly and it effectives to prevents action from cycling smoothly. It cleans fast and Rugulary you can use this tool to keep your  rifle running. 


  • This is made with 420 stainless steel.
  • This carbon scraper is specifically can clean critical surface on your bolt and BCG
  • Besides, eliminating dangerous carbon removal tool build-up reduces malfunction and jumps
  • This product is very small, lightweight, and portable, which’s perfect for travel, range, and hunting.
  • Original real avid on rounded edges, moreover it scrapes well (no sharp which can damage different materials as-well-as won’t do the job)

Real Avid Carbon Boss – Carbon Removal Multitool – Best Quality Tools

Real Avid Carbon Boss Carbon Removal Multitool-Best Quality Tool

Real avid manufacturer company has created excellent tools for your gun simpler, quicker, and more pleasant. Many people already fan of their bore boss and handgun cleaning tools (As a result, they use it for everything of  their gun).

Besides,it offers specific tools for scraping every part of an AR-15 bolt that gets buildup. This carbon boss cleaning tools our favorite choice and it is very expensive which you can consider to buy this removal tool


  • Bolt face scraper, lug scraper, carrier scraper, cam pin scraper and firing pin scrapers
  • Bolt brushes and even rotating combination SMART BRUSH™
  •  It has included a pin punch for AR15 disassembly

Otis Technology The B.O.N.E; Tool – Best AR 15 Cleaner Tool

Otis technology the B.O.N.E tool Best Cleaner ToolThe B.O.N.E; Tool was specifically designed for 7.62 rifles, and can easily clean carbon fouling from the bolt carrier group and assembly area of 5.56 mm /.223 or 7.62mm. Made with high quality materials. Besides,It quickly cleans, scrapes carbon and fouling from the bolt carrier and firing pins.

If you consider this product you will get some benefits such as: price is normal, 8-32 threaded hole to act as T-handle, and best for 5.56mm or 7.62mm rifles from other cleaning tools


  • Currently available for 5.56mm or 7.62mm rifles.
  • Made in the USA and has been created with high quality materials.
  • Small hand-held cleaning tool that’s easy to use.
  • Item Weight 0.07 Pounds.
  • Product type multitool cleaner