Best Gun Cleaner Solvent Reviews 2022

Proper gun cleaning is very important to protect your gun from rust, dust, or other debris and increase its lifespan. Otherwise, it causes fail your guns when it most needs to you. If you want to get proper service of your gun, you must need to clean your gun with the best gun cleaner solvent.

Cleaning the gun regularly with solvent and oils can also increase lifetime and create safer use of your gun. In this case, the gun cleaning process is really very important for a gun owner. Of course, you don’t want to barrier proper activities cause of dust, rust or other debris of your gun. Therefore, you should not neglect the method of gun cleaner. We have put a list of the best gun cleaning solvents including liquid, spray, and foam.

Benefits of gun cleaner solvent

  • A big deal of gun cleaning solvent; your firearms. Tends to be dirty incredibly you whether to use or not use them. Uses the solvent more efficient way to clean interior grime in firearms.
  • Much time is dirt in firearms that you don’t see with only empty eyes when you will wash firearms with an only brush when it maybe sees clean but even after that has stay dirt components interior of the firearms that don’t see easily. So you can use a solvent because it is the only option to removes harmful components ensure and make safe firearms
  • Gun cleaner solvent is very effective for firearms because solvent penetrates very easily and quickly and provides deep cleaning.
  • The solvents used to clean various elements that can be the cause of damage firearms to overtime. Can include copper fouling, lead, powder residue, salt, acid, and carbon fouling. Each brand uses to remove separate formula.
  • Solvents can increase several years lifespan of firearms especially if used constantly.
  • When uses cleaner solvent improves the accuracy and reliability of guns and provides inhibitors against corrosion and provides top pick level performance.

Our Top List Of Best Gun Cleaner

1 Hoppe’s No. 9 Gun Cleaning Solvent – Best Bore Cleaner Cleaner 1.8 pounds 9 x 4.5 x 9 inches 32 oz Check
2 Ballistol Multi-Purpose Gun Cleaner Oil, Aerosol Spray Spray 8.8 ounces 6.8 x 2.2 x 2.5 inches 6 oz Check
3 Break free CLP-2 Gun Cleaner Lubricant Spray 6.7 ounces 5.8 x 2.2 x 2.2 inches 4 oz. Check
4 CLP by Sage & Braker Spray 4.8 ounces 5.5 x 3.1 x 2.1 inches 4 oz. Check
5 Slip 2000 EWL With Longer Lubricant Lube 4 ounces 7 x 7 x 7 inches 4 oz. Check
6 Lucas Gun Cleaner Oil Original & Extreme duty Oil 3.88 ounces 5 x 2.95 x 1.26 inches 2 oz. oil & 1 oz. needle oil Check
7 M- Pro 7 LPX gun cleaner Oil 4.3 ounces 5.16 x 1.65 x 1.54 inches 4 oz. Check
8 Tetra Gun Cleaner Grease Grease 3 ounces 7 x 7 x 7 inches 1 oz Check
9 Pro-shot Needle Oiler Gun cleaner Needle oil 0.8 ounces 5.5 x 1.5 x 2 inches 1 oz. Check
10 Hoppe’s No. 9 Synthetic Blend Gun Cleaner Oil 4 ounces 4.6 x 1.8 x 1 inches 2.25 oz. Check

1. Hoppe’s No. 9 Gun Cleaning Solvent – Best Bore Cleaner

Best overall

Hoppe’s No. 9 Gun Cleaning SolventHoppe’s no.9 gun bore cleaner is truly popular and number one product by the Hoppe’s brand of the USA. It has been a trusted manufacturing brand since 1903. Hoppe’s no 9 brands have improved in the New Year. They have not only a good product but also include extraordinary features in bore cleaner.

Nowadays, many people have used this product in recent years. If you are looking for the best gun cleaning solvent, I recommend Hoppe’s no 9 brands because it includes lead and fouling, powder for preventing rust, moreover this product long-lasting and doesn’t expire. For these benefits, Hoppe’s known as the best bore cleaner in the world.


  • The gun cleaner is specially designed to penetrate into all different parts of the gun and provide deep cleaning of your gun.
  • Included ultra-effectiveness.
  • If you want the formula can use frequently as safely.
  • It’s affordable & small.
  • Using the product protects your gun from dust rust, other debris and against future damage.
  • In addition, you can clean properly all different parts of the gun with this formula.
  • Include it has a 32-ounce bottle with a child-proof cap.
  • The gun cleaners are easy and completely safe to use.
  • It’s especially for bore but it will clean all kinds of metal.


  • Few people don’t like the smell but you can.
  • It’s not to use for wood.


2. Ballistol Multi-Purpose Gun Cleaner Oil, Aerosol Spray

Ballistol Multi-Purpose Gun Cleanercant-CleanerThe marvelous gun cleaner oil made in Germany since 1904. It used by German army to clean and protect their firearms. Ballistol Multi -purpose Gun Cleaner is a great option that was improved especially for the German army to protect their guns. This multi-purpose gun cleaner is a popular gun cleaner at present time. The aerosol option for this multi-purpose gun cleaner oil is to be considered as the best aerosol.

This product will very effective for your gun. You can use it safely on your wood, tools, lather, knives, locks, and more. This formula has no carcinogens. It can use to protect and lubricant different items around the home and as well as your gun.

The product has been designed to clean, lubricating, and conserve of your firearms. It can use other gun-related things, and you will see how many operatives for your firearms. When it will use regularly, reduce the necessity of scraping and brushing the chamber and barrels.


  • The solution keeps skin safe.
  • It’s a multi-purpose product including cleans, lubricates, and protects.
  • The cleaner preserve accessories of wood, plastic, leather, and metal of your firearms.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Included slightly alkaline.
  • Gun cleaner biodegradable don’t harmful to the weather.
  • Very strong formula.
  • The solvent works for all types of guns.
  • It has the opportunity to purchase a single pack, multi-pack, or a combo package.


  • This is not odorless and many people don’t like the smell (Not a major problem).
  • You cannot be used on suede.


3. Break free CLP-2 Gun Cleaner Lubricant

Break free Gun Cleaner LubricantThe US army selects this cleaner solvent to clean their all rifles, Pistols, even tanks because nothing happens without positive reviews. For that, I think this gun cleaner solvent is another great option for your gun cleaning. This is the best gun cleaner with CLP. You can use the Break free CLP-2 gun cleaner trustily and safely for cleaning and defending your firearms.  It’s the best aerosol in the cleaner list.

The gun cleaner has made a specially formulated synthetic oil so it’s won’t lose viscosity and dry out in extreme climates. It is a long formula. This long-lasting lubricate getting into all holes and surfaces easily and cleans dust, rust, or other debris that make a failure of your firearms.

The break free cleaner has very high sufferance, and it works in any condition, so it has become very popular. Included ability to work in extreme temperatures ranging from -65F to +475F. The option protects all metal surfaces of your gun from moisture and substance contaminants.


  • This is a long-lasting lubricate gun cleaner. The long-lasting lubricate cleans dust, rust or other debris that make a failure in your gun.
  • Included erosion inhibitors to restrain rust.
  • It lubricates, cleans, and provides a defense for your gun.
  • It is not dry out in extreme weather.
  • The solution penetrates and spreads the all-metal surface hole of your gun quickly.
  • All moving parts coat and protect the bore of your gun.
  • Removes dust, rust, or other debris.
  • The CLP gun cleaner can be used in all climates.
  • It has designed to tolerate extreme cold, heat, or humidity without drying up.
  • It can be removed from residue away from Lifts anywhere.


  • Amount controlling is not very easy.


4. CLP by Sage & Braker

CLP sage & brakerThe CLP sage & braker gun cleaner has designed with dynamic components. It cleans thoroughly your firearm without using any toxic chemicals. Not only clean, provide a deep clean of your gun.

Therefore, when you need to accurate shot then you should clean your gun regularly. Because, if in your weapon stays many dust, rusts, and other debris then it won’t work properly. So, this solvent has designed to penetrate your gun moving part.

One the other hand protects children from danger, has strong bottle caps. It can improve your firearms shot when you use the cleaner. Notably, in the best gun cleaners, the CLP by sage & braker gun cleaner is an excellent product in a reasonable price. Also, it dissipation reduce of your time and most popular in other product.


  • Include this formula doesn’t any harmful & toxic chemical.
  • The CLP gun cleaner can penetrate into your firearm’s different parts easily.
  • It protects you from the failure of your firearms.
  • For reliable execution, it’s work very sleekly.
  • This solvent is to protect you and your dear people.
  • When you will use this solution therefore won’t harm your firearm polymer.
  • To pure of your firearm, it will give deep clean.
  • It will help to wet for some time like other lubricants of your firearm.
  • To more reliable and safer from dust, rust, and other debris, it is a better solvent.


  • It’s to depart some odor with behind.


5. Slip 2000 EWL With Longer Lubricant

Slip 2000 EWL With Longer LubricantSlip 2000 EWL Gun cleaner product has been specially formulated for deep cleaning into different parts of your gun. This slip EWL has a great feature that stays wet 5 times longer than other lubricants.

In addition, the product also reduces the friction of your firearm and can increase its lifespan. You can use safely this best gun cleaning solvent in different parts of your gun and it provides deep cleaning.


  • It is formulated to protect your gun from dust, rust, moisture, corroding, and other debris.
  • It’s safe to use on metal, wood, plastic parts and is not a harmful substance.
  • This product is non-toxic, no-risky and no bad smells like other solvents, Improve performance, safety, and work in any atmosphere.
  • Slip 2000 cleaner can use to clean your gun filthy all parts.
  • Firstly it protects against corrosion and moisture, secondly don’t burn off like petroleum products.
  • Finally, it doesn’t allow copper, carbon, lead, or plastic to stick as well as will reduce cleanup time by 50%; and it’s one of the best gun cleaner I have got recommend.


  • The lubricant is very messy to use and thin.


6. Lucas Gun Cleaner Oil Original & Extreme duty

Lucas Gun Cleaner OilThe Lucas gun cleaner oil is another great option for odorless cleaner. The option is the best for general lubricating on all parts of the firearms. Lucas Gun Cleaner oil is designed to be using all the types of climate. This is heat resistant, water-resistant, and doesn’t spread any odor behind. The gun cleaner is very popular with many hunters because it has no odor.

The formula penetrates various components very easily and quickly of a gun and cleaning the parts and confirm proper lubricating. It works as a protector and a lubricant.  This option is specially formulated to be used in guns that create a lot of volume, heat, and friction.

The gun cleaner includes a needle oiler to more correct and precise apply with less mess. It will spread a few drops on the bolt of your pistol, long rifle, or AR, won’t need too much. It will a long time lasting lubricant.

This lubricant is environmentally Friendly, and it doesn’t hold any chemicals that may harmful to nature. The gun oil set to supply two separate gun oil. In your purchase fulfill with a quality gun oil and extreme duty gun cleaner oil.


  • The option is odorless.
  • This cleaner heat- resistant, water-resistant.
  • A great option for long-term storage.
  • Eco friendly.
  • Extreme gun oil is an ideal use for those firearms that create a lot of sound, heat, and friction.
  • 2oz original oils great pack of.
  • original oil works great to compound bows.


  • It has a problem, need to buy both packs together.


7. M- Pro 7 LPX gun cleaner

M- Pro 7 LPX gun cleanerEvery gun, like any mechanical, clear and require vigilant maintenance. If you’re finding for best gun cleaner option, consider m-pro 7 guns cleaner. Though, the gun cleaner has available in the market then m-pro 7 LPX gun cleaner is a standard there. A gun care system has earned of millions trust of this gun cleaner. This gun cleaner has marked 20 years in the business and proved it’s good and trusted.

M-pro Lubricants and gun cleaners need for law enforcement, military, hunters, and other professional shooters. M-pro gun oil LPX repels dust, rust, sand, carbon, and other contaminants when bore to reduce future fouling then its cleaning time is reduced up to 80% as M- Pro. It’s very helpful for gun users.

These products are ammonia-free, non-flammable, and low smell. This is excellent for long-term storage, it has the highest protection against moisture, humidity, wear, including salt water, leaves a long-lasting film that repels dirt/dust and won’t evaporate.


  • Outperforms traditional gun oils and dry lubes, replaces, and CLPs.
  • It can protect dust, dirt, sand, etc.
  • It has a temperature range (-85F to 462F).
  • M-pro gun oil included.
  • MIL-L -63460 revision “E” of meets needs.
  • Without the use of solvents, it can be to clean surface fouling.
  • M- Pro LPX additives and combines strong quality oils.
  • Lubricant cleaner is safer.


  • It works without odor and it’s effective for guns.
  • This gun cleaner includes LPX oil; bore gel, copper remover, non- flammable, non-toxic. M- Pro 7 zero harmful chemicals and non-petroleum based.
  • M-pro 7 gun oil non-toxic so you can feel good health and you can use it easily.
  • This gun oil has the highest protection against solvent, copper, dust, rust, sand, dirt, humidity, and moisture.
  • it has good performance, it’s long term storage.
  • Your firearms won’t be damaging rather it will clean.


  • It is a little bit expensive.

If you want to buy the best odorless gun cleaner I will recommend you to buy m-pro 7 gun cleaner because it’s a very good cleaner and standard product. We have seen that people like most to buy this product. Its services are safe and high protected. This gun cleaner made in the USA with loyalty.


8. Tetra Gun Cleaner Grease

Tetra Gun Cleaner GreaseEverybody wants to get a great gun cleaner to protect and lubricating of their firearm. So it has designed to prevent corrosion that can provide a long-time preservative of your gun. The tetra grease one of the most fantastic components to operate long-term and to keep lubricating.

This product is colorless. Notably, the solution will rub on your firearm before to keep store for the season. When you will purchase a new gun then you can see simple color grease. Even, it has been lubricated by manufacture.

This tetra gun cleaner grease has a special formula that applies extremely quickly and reduces all friction. Even, you can use the formula as many times how many times you want.

It has a very powerful smell that can exist might one day therefore, automatically the smell will vanish.


  • This solution has a strong component to keep storage for the long-term of your gun.
  • It has such synthetic lubricant that as a helper from protectant hand of damage.
  • The gun grease cleaner direction moisture wide operating range.
  • The grease color is white.
  • It’s Very strong grease for every firearm, including rifle, handgun, and shotguns.
  • Protect too dangerous debris.
  • It direction as preventer from corrosion.


  • It is very simple to use for all guns.
  • To clean easily.
  • Reduce friction and wear.
  • It protects from corrosion.
  • It is a fluoropolymer penetrator lubricant.


  • The smell may some stinky.


9. Pro-shot Needle Oiler Gun cleaner

Pro-shot Needle Oiler Gun cleanerThe needle oiler gun cleaner is one of the best gun cleaning solvent; especially for the unreachable places. It’s combining of a premium synthetic base and extreme pressure and anti-wear antioxidants and rust preventative additives. The Pro-shot Needle Oiler Gun cleaner provides cleaning and safety of a firearm.

The pro-Shot Products Zero Friction Needle Oiler supplies the highest sleek performance and protection of all moving metal parts. This is lubricant oil, it’s not a bore oil.

It works from -75 degrees F to over 450 F. It is extreme heat and cold, zero friction puts your guns operating at top performance. It is very active for unreachable areas with the traditional application method. It is a great option to protect metal and rust.


  • You can use it where you need it without any mess.
  • Premium synthetic base specially designed for firearms.
  • Included anti-oxidant.
  • Ultra-Premium-High Technology.
  • All the moving part protects all debris.
  • Application refillable.
  • It has workability in extreme heat and cold.
  • Additive anti-wear.
  • Supplies highest sleek performance.
  • The product has made by the USA.


  • Though, can create some friction


10. Hoppe’s No. 9 Synthetic Blend Gun Cleaner

Hoppe’s No. 9 Synthetic Blend Gun CleanerHoppe’s gun cleaner makes specially formulated to entry get into your gun and provide a quick and effective cleaning. The cleaning solvent and oil have been trusted brands since 1903.

Hoppe’s No. 9 synthetic blend gun cleaner formulated to be used with modern firearms maintenance and it can decrease the friction of your gun. The gun cleaner solvent and oil penetrate deep into your gun to clean all parts of your gun and provides a great clean.

Using this formula also protects your guns from damage in the future because it makes a barrier to protect your firearms from rust; erosion and moisture. This product mainly uses removing the dust, rust, powder, lead, and metal fouling. It provides accurate shot, and decrease the risk of malfunction of your firearms.

I research many kinds of gun cleaner; it is very effective of them. If you’re looking a standard modern firearm cleaning solvent, so you can choose the No. 9 Synthetic Blend gun cleaner as a best gun cleaner.


  • Included childproof cap.
  • Highly lubricating and protection.
  • Use the lubricant you can perform top levels of your gun
  • It’s penetrated into getting all of the parts and cleans quickly.
  • Use the product to decrease the negative friction effect of your gun.
  • You can use the solution safely because it doesn’t waste any plastic, wood, and metal components.
  • You can use the lubricant for fishing reels and other mechanisms.
  • It works 100% any hard situation tested
  • It made from the USA’s raw material.


  • x It’s a toxic product.


Types of gun cleaning solvents

Here have different solvents such as foaming, liquid, CLP cleaners, oils versus solvents, and aerosol. For a new gun owner and if he wants to buy a gun cleaner; it’s hard to choose the best gun cleaning solvent for him. Because he doesn’t know which product is well for him.

But for the most part, all products almost work the same way. That’s why I hope he can follow the guide to buy the products and he can use the perfect one.


When you fire a gun, a few times copper, carbon, and lead are left behind. If you use liquid gun cleaner it can be removed each contaminant of using a cleaner that’s designed, It has a plus point that you won’t have to buy multiple solvents to get the business done.

Liquid solvents are penetrating to patch or brush and use to clean the gun bore. The main problem with the liquid is it can be messy sometimes. So you should avoid using too much liquid.


The aerosol is very popular for versatile features it can be protected lubricants your firearms. This solvents cleaner for guns is slightly in nature it neutralizes the effect of sweat and skin oils. Environment friendly and biodegradable in nature; it’s available in 1.5 oz aerosol. Aerosol sprays are easier to use from foam and liquid but you don’t use too much aerosol. If you use too much aerosol spray definitely your gun can be damage.

These types of aerosol can fight to handle stubborn debris removing guns from moving parts. Thoroughly it allows penetrating in the gun’s moving parts. It can become deep to loosen the nuts and bolts too. Besides, you can use this aerosol fishing gear, rubber, wood, locks, oil to protect lubricant and maintain your knives and other tools.


Foaming solvent is easier from the use of liquid, and use only one package in a pump. This foam style is a great choice for older gunk, this gunk needs to soak you wipe before a few minutes then it will be easy for use.


Buyers Guide for Best Gun Cleaner

While you will owner a firearm therefore, you must need to clean regularly and tidy your gun to get excellent performance. As a gun owner, it is the best policy. Because, when you are an owner of the firearm. Then, you will spend several hundred, sometimes a thousand dollars for buying ammo, a new firearm, and other accessories. So, it is clear that you will try to get excellent performance by spending your dollars.

For this, today I will discuss how to keep active long-term of your firearm. Firstly, while you will hunt anything after that you will clean your gun. Secondly, you tidy your gun before use. It is the best option for you. It helps to keep a long time proper activity of firearm.

Unfortunately, nowadays firearms are selling. Those haven’t proper gun cleaner solution. So I have put together some best gun cleaning solvents.

Notably, you should verdict for the best gun cleaner to know about products before purchase. Because of the different product has different advantage and disadvantage. Which gun cleaner need for you only you can select it. So, I hope already you have seen the product details above. As you wish you can choose one or multiple firearm cleaners.

Frequently Asked Questions about products

Is it protecting from harm to children?

 Yes, it has formatted with non-toxic materials. So it can’t harm any child. Even it has a very strong cap to protect from harm child. But from time to time include this product might a little toxic chemicals. So you need to be careful.

Which materials are created for these products?

Actually, most of the products have designed with Acetone and Heptane and the other is viscose that as usual and it has popular for oil-dissolving capability. It has Toluene that different bacteria resistant and more has in this products printing ink, glues, silicone sealants, paint and paint thinners.