Best Gun Cleaning Box Reviews

There are many gun cleaning boxes available in the market between we have analyzed your favorite the best gun cleaning box. But some people don’t like the gun cleaning box. Because they have the biggest complaint about the gun cleaning box that the poor quality of the carrying case. That’s why; comes with their cleaning kit and some necessary thing for the gun. Besides, most gun kits don’t have enough places for adding your all-important cleaning tools, mats, and some equipment.

As a result, some people complain that their carrying case is too small and large. Besides, most gun cleaning kits can’t afford to include a high-quality carrying case and give you high-quality brushes. Finally, this gun cleaning box has some benefits that you can easily to carrying your all-important cleaning tools. We have selected an inner list of our favorite gun cleaning boxes that’s you can consider the top gun cleaning box for your equipment.

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1. Plano Shooters Case – Best Gun Cleaning Case


Plano shooter case is the most important box for all your gun cleaning supplies. Plano shooter case has specially designed for all types of gun cleaning kits. Nowadays, they have made everything products such as gun cases, ammo storage boxes, and even gun cleaning boxes. It is a bit smaller than the large cleaning boxes. This product case measures 15” x 6” x 9” and is the size of a standard quality fishing tackle box that may be a little bit taller.

This box comes with two lift-out trays, with the top tray for your cleaning tools and gun cleaning solvents. Specifically, it has a large bottom tray for cleaning supplies and shooting equipment. It has included two-left out trays that help storage as-well-as organizes cleaning supplies and other gear. This product has made with high-quality plastic that design is perfect, though, and even smooth. Therefore, you can use the Plano shooter case to keep your cleaning kits, mats, and other tools. As a result, you can carry the box anyplace to need because it won’t break the gun box for simple hitting.


  • Product size: 15” x 6” x 9”
  • Moreover, it has two forks for your cleaning rifles and shotguns.
  • It provides a bulk storage area for large gear.
  • This product has durable latches and a comfortable carry handle.
  • Deep storage large field case for ammunition and cleaning supplies, and adds security in transport.
  • It comes to have enough room to keeps cleaning tools, mats, gun cleaner solvent & oils, and maintenance of your rifles.

2. MTM Tactical Range Box – AR Gun Cleaning Box


MTM tactical range box has been designed for serious shooters that require a top-quality gun cleaning box. This products company is a family-owned and even operated company since 1968.  I have some idea about the company and know that this company made 200+ product. This product by far is high-quality innovation which we didn’t find anywhere else. Even I have seen that inner the box has some extra-ordinary feature. The first thing to note is that if you own an AR or tactical rifle, so you have to check this box. Firstly, it has to be the best gun cleaning box for AR gun owners.

MTM is specially-designed a box that comes with 3 forks: 5.56 mm and an AR 223 magazine-sized slot. This box is very spacious and very lightweight. Weight only 6 pounds and measuring 24” x 11” x 8”. You will see to get that it comes have enough in the room for all your gun cleaning equipment. Otherwise, you will find to main compartments in the box. The top tray can be removed easily, and all your brushes and smaller tools are stored is where. Besides, you can store larger item inner chamber and includes the gun mounts for cleaning rifles and shotgun. It has included 18 different components and two adjustable forks.


  • This product has made in the USA
  • Its design perfect and long-lasting, durable, tough, and with a large comfortable handle.
  • The tactical toolbox has included top storage and self-storage for all cleaning supplies.
  • Gun forks and base store items for all holding your guns.

3. MTM Shooting Range Box


This molded products company is a trusted the operated company since 1968. MTM shooting range box is the best box for all your firearms. It has designed for cleaning all your firearms and other tools. If you owner AR or tactical rifle so you need to check this product. Because the box for rifle and AR owners.

The cleaning toolbox top section offers loads of divider spaces for your jags, brushes, shooting glasses, solvent and oils, and other necessary tools. Mainly, you can use this product to hold your rifle and even use your cleaning rod. The entire top tray has a total of 18 compartments to store your shooting supplies and everything you might need. This product design is perfect and even for keeping all your tools, solvent and oils, and cleaning rods.


  • 25″ x 11.5″ x 8.75″inches
  • 6.5 pounds
  • It made in the USA
  • This box made from chemical resistant polypropylene
  • There are 18 compartments to store your shooting supplies.
  • Plastic stencil, with brush measurements and removable gun maintenance, stand lower.
  • This product long-lasting, durable, tough, and design is perfect for all your cleaning tools.
  • It’s ideal for holding all ammo.
  • This product provides excellent stability for nearly any size firearm.

4. Plano Water Resistant – Gun Cleaning toolbox

Plano-Water-Resistant-Gun-Cleaning-Storage-BoxThe gun cleaning storage box is the perfect design for firearms. Plano water-resistant gun cleaning box has enough storage in the room for cleaning all your toolset, rods, solvent & oils, and other equipment. In addition, there are some compartments that perfect for small jags and brushes included universal cleaning kits. This cleaning box is not larger it’s a medium size that’s perfect for cleaning all your tools. Some benefits of the product such as it has a nicely comfortable handle and a Water-resistant, O-ring sealed dry storage box. This product is very inexpensive under 20$. You can consider this product because you can easily carry it anywhere when need it.


  • This product is made in the USA and Designed to fit up to. 50 calibers
  • Item: 15 x 8 x 10 inches; 2 pounds and color camo
  • Material: Plastic
  • It has some extra features such as Top access storage and lift-out tray besides lift-out tray, and a Heavy-duty handle with a Brass-bailed latch.
  • It comes with a nice comfortable handle that’s long-lasting, durable, tough, high-quality plastic.
  • It has a life-time warranty

Box size & Storage:

There are the best cleaning boxes in my review which have more than enough storage for your cleaning kits, tools, and even solvent & oils. But some cleaning boxes don’t have enough storage in the room for cleaning kits and other equipment. Generally, many people complain about the gun cleaning box that their carrying case is too big and too small.

There are many sizes of the box on the market that currently available. But we have analyzed the top 5 cleaning boxes that design is perfect for all your firearms. Besides, these boxes are of excellent stability, long-lasting, durable, and tough for use. Therefore, which is the best box require for your guns? You can select your choose the box that we previously reviewed as the top gun cleaning box.

Gun cleaning box buyer’s guide:

There are many gun cleaning boxes in the market that currently available. In this article, we have described the best gun cleaning box. I hope this review that effective for you. You want to get the most benefits for your firearm. So which is the best cleaning box you should consider. So here all the information about this box which you need.
If you are looking for the top gun cleaning box, I recommended the MTM range shooting box. Because this box has plenty of storage, and space a little more than other gun cleaning boxes. The ultimate range box is fantastic to put all your cleaning tools such as full solvent & oils, mats, and even oils bottles. So I hope you have got all detail for your cleaning box.


Finally, most gun cleaning boxes are pretty affordable and helpful all cleaning your tools. Here my list of the best gun cleaning box. These boxes are very popular and best seller products in the market that currently available.  If you use this box so your all cleaning tools will have safe and long-lasting. Many people don’t like these boxes. I mean they have some wrong idea because if you want to protect your firearm from dust, rust, corrosion, moisture, and other debris. Definitely, you have to use gun cleaner solvent & oils, rods, brushes, boresnakes, jag, and gun cleaning box