Best Gun Cleaning mat Reviews

These gun cleaning mats have designed to clean for your gun. The cleaning mats are especially has designed to clean the gun. If you have a gun so, you need the best gun cleaning mat when clean your gun. These cleaning mats protect your gun from scratches.

You will find some things in these cleaning mats that won’t find other mats. Such as:

Leak-prof material, the  Leak-proof material protects from CLP and cleaning oil and prevents CLP and other oil from leaking in the cleaning mats. Accumulate grease may be removed easily from the gun cleaning pad that can’t leak through your cleaning mat.

Many people face the problem with evil gun cleaning mats that, when they are putting the cleaning mat in the gun cleaning box then oils leak off the mat and make everything oily. By the way, It has made using special materials that can prevent various damages. For that, it keeps on the surface and allows cleaning easily.

Most firearm cleaning mats come with graphics on the mat that can be specific inner gun components. You can put all parts of the gun and oil and solvent on the cleaning mat rather; table because these cleaning mats have designed enough places to put all the gun components and solvent and oil.

If you are looking for a suitable firearm cleaning mat that is long-lasting and makes it easy to clean your gun. So, you can scroll through this article and consider a gun cleaning mat that works properly for your gun.

Our Top pick of The Best Gun Cleaning Mat

UsefulThingy- AR-15 Gun Cleaning Mat

UsefulThingy AR-15  Cleaning Mat is the best gun cleaning mat. This cleaning mat especially has been designed to clean long rifles. It comes with a diagram and brief details of the AR-15 gun’s different inner components on the cover of the AR cleaning mat.

UsefullThingy cleaning mat generally looks great on the table, Workbenches, and counter. It does not only look excellent helps to assemble and dissemble while clean your gun components. The cleaning mat has made with durable materials.

It has designed with a nonstick material, absorbent neoprene base, with embedded graphic ink. The cleaning mat very absorptive and provides a soft pad that protects from damage and scratches to both surface and gun.

Besides, the cleaning mat being, thick, durable, and sturdy and can be portable and roll-up. It is a washable cleaning mat. You can wash the cleaning mat easily with soap and water. Furthermore, you do not wash it washing machine because it may be some damage over time.

Overall, it is the most gun important cleaning kit part to clean your gun. The cleaning mat is very helpful for newbie shooters because it contains graphics and images of AR-15 inner gun components.


  • Designed for rifle, shotgun, or handgun.
  • Made with durable and sturdy materials.
  • Included absorbent pad material that soaks excess lubricant and solvent in table
  • Provides soft surface cleaning pat that doesn’t damage your weapon.
  • Ideal for new shooters.
  • Size: 36″ x 12″


  • Oil resistant.
  • Non-slip bottom to protect.
  • This cleaning mat comes with informative graphics and printing.
  • Absorbed lubricant, oil, and solvent.
  • Affordable cleaning mat.
  • The cleaning mat washable.
  • Long-lasting.


  • Graphic and printing are too small that understand may difficult.

Sage and Braker Waxed Canvas Leather Gun Cleaning Mat

Sage-and-Braker-Gun Cleaning Mat

Sage and Braker is the most popular gun cleaning brand. There produces some of the best gun cleaner product in the market, and they have achieved goodwill. They have achieved popularity for the effectiveness of the products.

It is a standard cleaning mat. The Sage and Braker cleaning mat is a Ferrari gun cleaning mat. It has designed with high-quality materials. It has designed with waxed canvas, thick leather, and heavy wool.

Sage and Breker cleaning mats interior part has designed to contain all the gun cleaning kits including gun cleaning rod, gun cleaning bore snake, Brush, oil, lubricant, and more. The Sage and Braker cleaning mat is different than other cleaning mats.

It has designed uniquely to protect your gun and work surface when you clean and repair your gun. This cleaning mat looks excellent.

Sage and Braker cleaning mat does not only look great, but the cleaning mat has also designed with the purpose that you can clean your gun without scratches.

Furthermore, the cleaning mat works as a cleaning mat and a gun case. It has included two straps that buckle in place to contain together it rolled up.

In addition, the cleaning mat comes with 4 pouches that can carry easily all the cleaning tools in a hassle-free manner.


  • Included two leather straps.
  • Store for handgun and gun cleaning tools.
  • Provides protection of the surface from the lubricant, oil, and cleaners.
  • Enough work capacity to large rifle and gun.
  • Included four pouches.
  • Easy to roll up.
  • Sturdy and durable.
  • Excellent functional design.
  • Size 69” long, 16” wide, and ½” thick.


  • Protect the gun from scratches.
  • The cleaning mat easy to use and clean.
  • It has designed to contain various gun cleaning tools.
  • Included padded surface to protect the cleaning mat from staining
  • The working surface is very large.
  • The cleaning mat transport very simple.


  • This gun cleaning mat is very expensive than other cleaning mats.

Real Avid Universal Smart Mat


The Real Avid gun cleaning mat is an excellent cleaning mat. It comes in two different sizes, one for pistols and another mat for rifles. It has designed with standard materials. The cleaning mat has made With a Non-absorbent neoprene base magnetic compartment.

This cleaning mat is a great firearm cleaning mat that utilizes a non-absorbent neoprene material. It is a unique firearm cleaning mat for a magnetic gun parts keeper section. The cleaning mat protects from falling all the small parts through the magnetic keeper section and allows keep on the mat the inner parts of your gun.

In addition, the magnetic part-keeping part supplies a great option that you won’t find any other cleaning mats. It has included non-slip baking grips that prevent slipping the cleaning mat when you work on your gun.

It works only as a cleaning mat doesn’t work as a case.

Finally, It is definitely the most popular firearms cleaning mat in the market to clean rifles and pistols. Personally, I like this cleaning mat because; it has a built-in magnetic strip that keeping track of all the small parts of your guns


  • Included Integrated Magnetic Parts Tray that prevents falling gun parts.
  • It has a non-slip material back of the mat that sticks to any surface.
  • Protect the work surface from getting damaged.
  • The cleaning mat size 43 inches long and 16 inches wide for the rifle and 19 inches long and 16 inches wide for the pistol.


  • It has an attached parts keeper tray.
  • Oil and solvent resistance.
  • Enough space to clean a gun.
  • Easy to clean the cleaning mat.
  • Roll up very simple.
  • Affordable price.
  • Easy to use.


  • It has no screen print of any interior gun parts on the surface.

Drymate Gun Cleaning pad for Shotguns and Handgun


Sometimes many people are upset that they can’t find a shotgun cleaning pad. They complain that all the best gun cleaning pads have been made for pistols and rifles.  By the way, we have added a shotgun gun cleaning pad to our list. Today we will discuss the shotgun cleaning pad.

Drymate Gun Cleaning pad is the best gun cleaning pad for the shotgun. If you are a shotgun owner then, you Maybe heard about the gun cleaning pad. Presently this gun cleaning pad is the most popular cleaning pad for shotguns.

It has designed with an absorbent top layer with rubber backing. The gun cleaning pad absorbs any spell and protects the table and workbench when you clean your gun on it.

When you are looking for the best gun cleaning mat that completely soaks all the gun cleaning solvent, oil, and lubricant so, the Drymate Gun Cleaning pad is the best option for you. It makes sure that doesn’t slip when you clean your gun.

Besides, the mat comes in multiple colors. You can choose one according to your choice between them.

The firearm cleaning mat is a wash-able cleaning mat. It is easy to clean, and you can wash the cleaning mat with soap and water.

Above all, the Drymate Gun Cleaning pad is an excellent gun cleaning pad for shotguns. The gun cleaning pad needs you as a gun user for firearm maintenance   You can consider the weapon cleaning mat to clean your gun. It doesn’t disappoint you.


  • High-quality cleaning mat.
  • Made with absorbent top layer rubber backing.
  • Comes in multiple colors.
  • Size 54 inches long and 16 inches wide.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Attractive fabric.
  • The bottom layer rubberized.
  • Long-lasting cleaning mat.


  • It is a very reasonable price.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Stain-resistant.


  • It is a little thin cleaning mat.

Ultimate Rifle Build Gun Cleaning Mat


The Ultimate Rifle Build Cleaning Mat is the best gun cleaning mat. It has been designed for gun owners to clean only pistols because the cleaning mat is small. The firearm cleaning mat has been designed for a gun owner who is looking for a quality firearm cleaning mat that is not very expensive.

The cleaning mat is affordable than other cleaning mats. It has made with polyester with a waterproof coating with non-slip rubber backing. This mat top part has printed an American flag that doesn’t fade it easily when you clean your gun on the cleaning mat.

The bottom surface has made with rubber. When cleaning your gun on the cleaning mat, it doesn’t slip, and during cleaning time, keep the cleaning mat and the gun right place.

It also protects your work area from the solvent and lubricant. This mat protects your gun parts from getting damaged. The cleaning mat roll-up is very simple; just need a rubber thick string to keep folding it.

It is a washable cleaning mat. You can wash the cleaning mat with your hand. Never have you cleaned the mat washing machine because it may be, damaged over time.

Overall, the rifle cleaning mat looks good and well made. If you are looking for a pistol cleaning mat then, you can consider it.


  • Made Waterproofing coating blacktop polyester.
  • Protect workbenches, tables, and more.
  • It is perfect for gun cleaning, or a mouse pad.
  • This mat stitched border.
  • URB design.
  • it is extremely durable
  • Size 17 inches long and 11inches wide.


  • Included a non-slip.
  • Extremely affordable cleaning mat.
  • Absorbs excess cleaning oil, lubricant, and solvent.
  • Long-lasting.


  • It has a weakness that is comparatively thin for that some people may not like it.


A Gun cleaning mat is a very important element to cleaning your gun. If you want to clean a gun then you need the best gun cleaning mat. The cleaning mat is essential to prevent from leaving any dents and stains on the workbenches or tables.

These cleaning mats are not gun cleaning kits but they are part of gun cleaning and very helpful to clean your gun. We have discussed some firearm cleaning mats in this review that are very effective for your guns. Some cleaning mats in the list to protect your gun parts can store in a better place.

We have kept the gun cleaning mats in the list that works excellently.

Finally, we are trying to provide 100% correct information about the entire product. You scroll this review and choose your necessary cleaning mat.