Best Gun Range Bags Review for 2021 – A Buyer’s Guide

The best gun range bags can improve your shooting experience. Extensively, the range bags have become popular over the world in recent years. One of the most benefits the bags provide is storage, organization, and transportation for all types of handguns. Even, it’s effective for all of your shooting accessories.

Now that we have analyzed our best overall pick, let’s focus on range bags for your specific cleaning tools. Both know why you’re here then we will skip boring information on great range bags and get straight to the points.

Our top list of best gun range bags 2021

  1. 5.11 Tactical range bag – best to buy
  2. Osage River Tactical Range Bag – Best value
  3. Blackhawk Deluxe Range Hunting Bag – Best overall collection
  4. Explorer Range Bag – Best budget range bag
  5. Gunmate Range Bag – Best commercial range bag

#1. 5.11 Tactical range bag – best to buy in 2021

Tactical Range BagThe 5 11 tactical range bag is made of 600 nylon fabric that’s durable, water-resistant, and even heavy-duty. Storage Capacity: include the range bag by 5 11 has a total storage capacity of 37-liters.

Furthermore, it has multiple drawstrings and even zippered side pockets for extra storage, and the front pocket comes with a  hook and loop closure.
Besides, the range bag main storage compartment has a specific place where you can store all shooting accessories. As well as this bag has slip pockets for extra storage.


  • This gun range bag is heavy-duty construction with 600D denier polyester.
  • The 5.11 tactical range bag has included a heavy-duty shoulder strap.
  • Besides, the straps have velcro clips for added functionality, and even the shoulder strap is removable and adjustable.
  • Even this bag is a perfect design that is thick and long-standing.
  • The tactical range bag has multiple compartments to keep your handgun, goggles,ammunition, earmuff, magazine, and accessory tools, etc.
  • Created the gun range bag of highly durable materials.
  • This product’s heavy-duty construction as well as it’s made with 600 denier polyester.


  • The rear side of the gun range bag has a cardholder where you can place your business card or identification card.
  • It has a removable divider for easy organization.
  • Furthermore, it has multiple storage areas for space


  • this bag color is back, and not currently available other colors.

#2. Osage River Tactical Range Bag – Best value

Osage River Tactical Range BagThe Osage river tactical range bag is celebrated for its durability, lightweight, heavy-duty high-quality bag. It has been created with 600 deniers ballistic nylon that is a very well-designed construction even it’s strong, long-lasting, and highly reliable.

Futhermore, this range bag has nine large storage spaces and would be a perfect fit for your gun cleaning tools. Not only a good range bag but it also a double travel duffel range bag.

The Osage river range bag main compartment comes with two adjustable padded dividers where you can store all your shooting accessories. If you consider this range bag so your next trip to the shooting will be hassle-free and you will get enough room for all of your gear.

Besides, you get a strong bag that’s designed specifically for magazines, ammunition, ear protection, and optics that can easily carry the bag anywhere you need.

Please note that It comes with two removable pistol pouches, and even pistol pouches don’t have a locking mechanism in place. That means you have to be careful while storing all cleaning tools because tools can fall out.


  • It comes with a padded shoulder strap and even comes in two varieties – Light Duty and Standard Duty.
  • Made from 600 denier polyester
  • It included adjustable padded dividers and a comfortable padded strap.
  • Highly durable, heavy-duty, lightweight range bag.
  • It comes in multiple colors that are currently available.


  • Segregated, Excellent storage capacity for multiple pistols.
  • Water-resistant,tear-resistant protective for firearms gear.
  • This bag is comfortable and easy to carry anywhere.


  • It Hasn’t locking mechanism system for pistol pouches and is a little expensive

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#3. Blackhawk Deluxe Range Hunting Bag – Best overall collection

Blackhawk Deluxe Range Hunting BagThis Blackhawk deluxe range hunting bag is the perfect design option for frequent shooter and everyday use at the shooting range. It is a highly durable, heavy-duty,  lightweight, long-lasting gun range bag.

Even the range hunting bag is made of 600 denier polyester. Besides, this bag is tough, water-resistant, and can hold a lot of weight. It has enough storage pockets where you can store all cleaning accessories.
If you are looking for the best gun range bags, I recommend this bag because it’s one of the most padded range bags on the market currently available.So you can consider this bag because this bag has two handgun pockets and multiple internal pockets for all cleaning tools.


  • Its material is very well and smooth,the design is perfect
  • Water-resistant, highly durable, lightweight
  • Two handgun pockets and come with a removable pistol pouch.
  • Heavy-duty zippers and three compartments for extra support


  • Its an excellent hunting bag and easy to carry
  • Besides, you can hold a lot of weight
  • Multiple pistol pouches and Multiple internal pockets for shooting accessories.


  • This product is a little expensive.

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#4. Explorer Range Bag – Best gun range bags

Explorer Range BagMost range bags are created with a 600 denier polyester, but the explorer range bag is a standard highly durable bag because of the bag 1200 denier polyester construction. It has enough storage pockets where you can hold a lot of weight. Furthermore, the bag has the most features and heavy-duty zippers for support.

Besides, this bag is the perfect design for carrying multiple pistols and all necessary cleaning accessories.Carrying handles and shoulder strap are very strong, heavy-duty nylon that is ideal for supporting the heavyweight of all your accessories. Besides, it won’t fail under a heavy load.

It has plenty of room for ammo, hearing protection, pistols, cleaning supplies, and all shooting accessories.This range bag has multiple colors available such as Black, OD Green, Dark Blue Cammo, and Olive Green. But my favorite color Black which’s beautiful to look at. You can consider your favorite color.


  • Shoulder types and carrying handles is very well and heavy-duty nylon and won’t fail under a heavy load
  • In addition, it has two dedicated zippered pockets for pistols and even comes with two rows of locked stitching for durability along the seams.
  • It’s made with 1200 denier polyester and Padded pockets for extra supports
  • Two pistols pouches and with triple-stitches.


  • Highly durable, lightweight, and perfect design for your all the shooting range
  • Multiple colors available that you can consider are your favorite color.
  • Firstly, it’s easy to carry all cleaning tools


  • This product price is high from other rang bag

#5. Gunmate Range Bag – Best commercial range bag

Gunmate Range BagGunmate range bag is effective for all shooters and perfect for a quick trip to the range bag. This bag is made of 600 deniers ballistic nylon fabric.

If you are a gun owner, you should use a gun range bag because this bag protects all your cleaning accessories from dust, sand, and other debris.

Even if you use the bag so you can easily carry all cleaning tools anywhere and when you need them. Finally, if you are looking for a normal price range bag I recommend this bag is perfect for you. You will get lot of features


  • Cleaning supplies and Padded pistol rug
  • Ear protectors, Spotting scope, Shooting glasses
  • The main compartment has a removal hook
  • Made with 600D ballistic nylon fabric
  • Two outer pockets
  • double zippers


  • Highly durable and lightweight
  • It’s easy to carry
  • Futhermore, you can hold all cleaning accessories
  • Its price affordable from other bags


  • It’s one color currently available.

Final thought:

Many gun range bags are designed specifically to carry all your gun cleaning essential accessories. Even many range bags on the market are currently available, but we have analyzed the best gun range bags. Which range bag is the best you can consider for your cleaning accessories.

But I recommend the 5.11 tactical range bag because the bag has lot of features and has enough storage room where you can store all your cleaning tools. Finally, Its price affordable.  In this review, we have described the best range of bags. I hope this review is effective for you.