Best Gun Safe Reviews of 2022

It doesn’t matter what type of gun you find to buy or how much money you have a budget. So, I won’t tell unnecessary talk we will get straight to the point. If you are finding guns safe you can read our post we have discussed several guns safe for this post. I hope, you will get some information about this product from this post. Maybe it will help you. So, let’s go start.  Need to keep your guns out of the hands of thief, children, guests, unauthorized families, and burglars?  A firearm safe limits access, it can protect your family from tragic accidents and your weapons give prevent wrong hands.  The best gun safe very helpful for every home. We have done the research to sure your personal weapons, antiques, valuables are kept secure. You can give your weapons key, lock, and biometric fingerprint.

In this review, I will discuss the top 5 guns safe.

Our top pick of the best gun safe

  1. Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe Ax11652
  2. Vaultek VT20i Smart Biometric Handgun Bluetooth Pistol Safe
  3. Fort Knox FTK-PB Gun Safe
  4. Viking Security Safe Vs-25 BL Biometric Safe
  5. Liberty Fatboy Junior safe

Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe Ax11652

Barska Quick Access_Biometric Rifle Safe Ax 11652

The Barska safe is our top pick for top gun safe because this gun safeThe 10 Best Biometric Bedside Gun Safe Reviews 2021 has advanced features. Firstly, The safe features have a smart biometric lock and can store up to 130 fingerprints, which is a lot by any standard- the safe more accurate it is, and the more scan you provide this gun safe.

More importantly, when you want to unlock your safe the biometric safe takes only 2.5 seconds, and your guns allowing instantly access.

Secondly, barska quick access biometric rifle safe batteries last a full year. The battery holds up surprisingly well if you are scanning this battery 10,000 and you get a notification when the battery is low power, as well.

However, the best biometric rifle safe design has selected by the section of justice, so you can trust it’s tamper-resistant. It’s not fire-resistant. Overall, at only 12.5 kilograms, it’s easy to leave on a shelf for storing your firearms safe or mount to the wall, to your floor.


  • It has 0.8ft3, medicine; the biometric safe has all the space needed to secure ammo, Private document, and jewelry.
  • The safe also fit practically anywhere convenient.
  • It can storage up to 120 fingerprints.
  • It’s tamper-resistant.
  • For scanning takes only 2.5 seconds.


  • Fits up to four handguns and rifles.
  • The safe is the cheapest.
  • It has a smart biometric lock.
  • Battery lifespan a full year.
  • It can be mounted to the wall.


  • It’s not fire-resistant.

2.Vaultek VT20i smart Biometric Handgun Bluetooth Pistol Safe

Vaultek VT20i Smart Biometric_Handgun Bluetooth Pistol Safe

You’re searching handgun Bluetooth smart safe? If you’re looking Bluetooth smart safe you can read our post. I hope, you will get some information about this product from this post.

The vaultek with comes to a few features such as a biometric lock combined with a backlit keypad. More importantly, it’s including anti-pay bars, interior mounted hinges, equipped with impressive anti-theft protection features, anti-impact latches, as well as interior security brackets.

Best biometric gun safe keeps your gun safe and looks fantastic.

This safe has 4 ways to open, like:

  • Bluetooth smart app.
  • Biometric fingerprint scanner.
  • 4-8 digit backlit electronic keypad.
  • Manual override keys.

I gave the app a chance because handgun safe seemed fantastic but it’s not fantastic rather vaultek gun safe is annoying than convenient. For example, when you will use Bluetooth range you have to be within Bluetooth range, or it won’t work.

That said,  vaultek vt20i manual safe does always a plus and allows remote access.


  • This product has included a biometric lock as well as a backlit keypad.
  • It has interior-mounted hinges.
  • Anti-impact latches.
  • Includes anti-pay bars.
  • It’s equipped with impressive anti-theft protection.
  • This safe has interior security brackets.


  • The safe has 4 ways to open.
  • It’s easily portable to travel in your office, car and luggage, and backpacks.
  • Brand of vaultek.
  • The safe has tamper alarm and security alarm.
  • Weight 3.2 kilograms.
  • Included USB charging kit.


  • For the app to work you have to be within Bluetooth range.

3.Fort Knox FTK-PB Gun Safe

Fort Knox FTKPB

Are you searching for a high-quality Fort Knox gun safe to store your pistols/handguns that is quick access and will give you quick duty?  So, no need to keep looking, because this is the original safe which you are finding. This is one of the top safes. Fort Knox Gun safe has available in the market but Fort Knox FTK-PB gun safe is the best in the market. My personal “bump in the night” safe and my all friends like this safe. Because fort Knox safes are the best gun safe. It’s not law price but this gun safe heavy (10 gauge thickness, 20 Ibs), uses the mechanical simplex lock and boltable which is super-fast and use to easy in the dark.

In addition, plus this safe can hold 2-3 pistols some mags depending on how you want to stock. Overall, you also will get a Fort Knox lifetime warranty with this safe.  So, I mean fort Knox safe is very helpful for every gun owner.  Fort Knox gun safe prices look great and durable. If you want to buy a gun safe I will recommend Fort Knox FTK-PB gun safe.


  • The gun safe heavy (10 gauge thickness, 20 Ibs).
  • It has a mechanical simplex lock.
  • Fort Knox lifetime warranty.
  • The gun safe strongest handgun in the market.
  • When you open the door it has a gas strut to assist.
  • It holds 2-3 pistols some mags.
  • Included concealed hinge and welded
  • Made in the USA.


  • It’s super-fast.
  • This safe easy to use in the dark.
  • This safe holds 2-3 pistols some mags depending on how you want to stock.
  • Fort Knox original pistol safe.


  • It’s a little bit price.

4.Viking Security Safe Vs-25 BL Biometric Safe

Viking Security Safe Vs25 BLBiometric Safe

If you are looking best gun safe that will protect than more your guns. One of the first models Viking security safe. So, I would like to recommend Viking security safe. The safe has a biometric lock and can storage up to 32 fingerprints as well as, has a keypad with a single pin code that can access multiple people. For unlocks need by pin code or registered fingerprint. Viking security safe biometric safe is the   safe for larger families.

The safe comes with handy features as well, including an audio warning if it is left locked, a time-out period after several incorrect entries, a build-in LED interior light. Pre-dilled and anchor a bolt contains are included, in case you would like to add security, too.

This safe setup to easy and simple to use.  Viking security is safe vs 52-blx 1 fully adjustable shelf to organize your handguns, cash, jewelry, important documents, and small electronics.

Most importantly, the safe fits perfectly as a home, bedroom, office, or anywhere you need fast access and protection.


  • The safe has a biometric lock.
  • It can storage up to 32 fingerprints or one pin code.
  • The safe can access multiple people.
  • This safe included a build-in LED interior light.


  •   It’s set up to easy and use to simple.
  • Included an audio warning.
  • Time-out period after several incorrect entries.
  • This safe has a programmable sound on/off feature.
  • The safe is very secure.
  • It isn’t heavy and someone could carry it.
  • Its weight 27 pounds.


  • The keypad isn’t backlit.

Liberty Fatboy Junior safe

Liberty Fatboy Junior safe

I think Liberty Fatboy junior safe one of the best safe brands out there right now. I love this safe because, first of all, you actually get an electronic lock that is highly secure.

It has much capacity which can be 7 times bigger than 212 degrees Fahrenheit. This safe is dense enough and made with 11 gauge steel.  Liberty Fatboy jr safe can handle drill attack. It also the protective barrier of 12 total bolts.

This safe found two-sizes on of them safe can contain almost 48 guns and another safe can hold 64 guns.  Liberty safe has many features it’s very easy to assemble.


  •  It has an electronic lock.
  • Liberty Fatboy can be 7 times bigger than 212 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Included thicker 11 gauge steel.
  • The product has a protective barrier of 12 total bolts on all 4 sides of the door


  • Liberty Fatboy junior safe can be easily customizable
  • It’s easy to assemble.
  • It can handle drill attack.
  • This product is everything expected.
  • The gun safe found two-sizes.
  •  It’s sturdy and heavy.


  • This safe isn’t for limited collection purposes.
  • It’s very shallow in nature.

Benefit of Product

The gun safe has many benefits. Every gun owner needs to use a safe because it’s very helpful for the gun owner. Guns safe have different locks such as biometric lock, smart biometric lock, electronic lock, keypad lock, mechanical simplex lock, fingerprint, pin code, etc. which can protect the gun. These guns safe included the audio warning, thicker gauge steel, LED interior light, concealed hinge and welded, USB charging kit, etc. Which is great for guns. These guns are sturdy and heavy. This safe you can bear car, office, apartment, and bedroom or anywhere you need fast access and protection. . It’s easy to use, affordable and durable.  .These products are everything expected.

These firearms safe has different ways such as:

  • Biometric fingerprint scanner.
  • Manual override keys.
  • 4-8 digit backlit electronic keypads.

This safe is the cheapest but super-fast. These firearms safe lifespan a full year.

You Have to Think to Consider Before Buying a Safe

When you want to buy a gun safe before to buy you have to think about which quality gun you will buy and which quality safe fits your needs best for your personal situation.  You have to consider what type of gun you need and how much money you will spend for safe before buy safe. And what type of safe your living situation can support your personal life. So, you have to know about it before buying a gun safe.

Why Do You Need a gun safe?

What does your gun storage look like? If your justice wiggled finger and you said “this is my safety” so I will tell you this is the wrong answer. If your gun opens anytime definitely any people or kids can use your gun. So you need to use a gun safe.  Simply, If you use a safe your gun will be strong and will get many benefits.  It can be protecting wrong hands and your family from tragic accidents. If you don’t use safe maybe thief can steal your gun. Or young children playing with guns safe which can be a tragic accident. So, you always need to us gun safe.  If you have a safe you can give your weapons a lock, key, and fingerprint which help to protect against any hazards.

  • Keep your firearms and valuables protected.
  • Keep firearms clean.
  • For gun prevent unwanted access.
  • If needed, comply with legal requirements.
  • Save space.

  Best Gun Safe Buyer guide

It makes good sense to buy a gun safe if you own firearms. When you want to buy a safe most important thing that you should be considered before buying a safe in the present is have quick access. You choose a gun safe that is accessible within just 1 to 3 seconds to ensure safety in an emergency before buying a safe

There are many gun safes in the market that currently available. In this article, I have analyzed the safe. I hope this review will be effective for you. You want to get most benefits gun safe below I have put some safes which is the need of you. If you read this post I hope you will get all information about safe.

We have analysis, product features, pros and cons that you have no hesitation about safe. I hope, when you will read about safe then you have to analyze this product and how much effective for you. Those safe is very well for gun owners. Overall, when you will buy any product definitely you will analyze about product’s pros, cons, and prices.


If you have never used a safe before, it’s important you first get information on how it’s done before you do it. You can get step-by-step guidelines online on how to use it. You also need to have the proper safe for your gun. Luckily, I have created a list of g safes that you have needed I hope it will help your Buying decision.  Finally, the best gun safes are affordable and helpful for all gun owners.  The gun safe is very popular. Because these safes very popular product in the market.

Most importantly, we will recommend you stick to a budget for guns. Don’t buy an expensive safe if you don’t need it. Also, if you only own one gun, so you don’t buying an expensive safe that will be a waste of your money.