Best Muzzleloader Cleaning Kit reviews and buyer guide.

The muzzleloader cleaning kit is a very necessary gun cleaning kit for rifling or hunting. If you want to clean your muzzleloader then you need the best muzzleloader cleaning kit. You need to clean the muzzleloader regularly otherwise; you can fail to get the proper working ability.

Many hunters in multiple states try to extend their hunting season to become owners of the muzzleloader. These muzzleloaders are a perfect option to extend your hunting season. You can be careful to clean the muzzleloader.

By the way, it uses only a few times of the year, for that, it is very simple to neglect for clean if you haven’t a gun cleaning kit.

It also harmful for your muzzleloader because it uses few times a year. Thereby, you should clean the muzzleloader regularly.

Furthermore, Many muzzleloaders are available cleaning kits in the market. We have researched a dozen cleaning kits that are made for muzzleloaders, for that we can find out which the best cleaning kit. You need a top cleaning kit which cleaning kit works properly for your muzzleloader.

However, we have put a few muzzleloaders cleaning kits in this review that we have checked quality, included cleaning equipment and cost of them. If you are looking for a standard muzzle loader cleaning kit so, you can consider it from here.

Kleenbore Universal Muzzleloading Kit

Kleenbore cleaning kit

The Kleenboee cleaning kit is a perfect starter cleaning kit. Kleenbore is a famous cleaning brand conducted by the Safariland group. This group has a long history of law enforcement and sporting industries products introduce.

Presently, the group runs 20 plus brand that has included tactical gear to a personal flotation device. However, the Keelonbore Company has designed their cleaning kit for desirous shooters and hunters.

Nowadays, many cleaning kits available in the market. It is the best muzzleloader cleaning kit between them.

The cleaning kit comes with different cleaning tools such as; CLP, rod, Nylon brush, Cloth, and 100% cotton patches. Besides, it comes with a plastic case and well-organized all the cleaning tools in the case. This cleaning kit comes with those cleaning tools that each cleaning tool necessary for your muzzleloader.

Above all, it is a starter cleaning kit for all muzzleloading applications. When you are looking for a low price cleaning kit, then you can consider the cleaning kit. It is a low-cost kit but works well for your muzzleloader. you can able to maintenance muzzleloader with the cleaning kit.


  • Included 2oz Break free CLP bottle.
  • 3 cleaning rods.
  • Double-ended nylon utility brush.
  • Provides silicon gun and real cloth.
  • Comes with a plastic muzzle guard.
  • polypropylene storage


  • Compact and well organized.
  • Reusable cleaning kit.
  • Carrying very simple
  • Provides proper clean.
  • East to use

Thompson Center T17  Cleaning Kit for Muzzleloader

Thompson-t17-Muzzleloader-Cleaning Kit

Presently the Thompson cleaning kit is a very popular cleaning ki in the market. It is the best muzzleloader cleaning kit. The Thompson arms center is an American company and located in Massachusetts. The company has known for exchangeable gun bore and muzzleloaders.

The Thompson Company has appeared in 1965 beside it is a successful organization to provide gun bore and muzzleloader cleaning kits. This product has designed to keep mind for TC guns. The T17 cleaning products especially have made for clean and protect the only muzzleloader.

It comes with multiple cleaning tools, such as, cleaning rods, cleaning solvents, cleaning brushes, jag, and patches that are all necessary to clean a muzzleloader. This cleaning kit comes with the best cleaning rods that have made with aluminum materials.

The brush has made copper and soft bristles materials. Besides, this solvent has made superior cleaners that break carbon and other debris that build-up in the gun bore. It protects your muzzleloader from getting different damaged.

Moreover, you will be impressed to look workability of the jag because it holds well with cleaning the gun bore.

Above all, the cleaning kit is an effective cleaning kit for TC guns. If you are looking for a top muzzle cleaning kit that supplies top-level rods and properly works for muzzleloader, then you can consider this cleaning kit.


  • The cleaning kit provides three-piece aluminum cleaning rods with a 32 inches handle.
  • Included 2oz bore cleaner/powder solvent.
  • It has bore brush, jag, and swabs for .50.
  • T17 natural lubricant 3/4oz.
  • 20 piece Cleaning patch.


  • Protect the valuable muzzleloader.
  • Clean properly and supplies protection.
  • Cleaning chemicals work well.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Easy to use.


  • It is not threaded.

Traditions Basic Muzzleloader Cleaning Kit


The traditional cleaning kit is a basic cleaning kit for your muzzle. You should need the muzzleloader with the cleaning kit. If you clean your muzzleloader with a muzzleloader cleaning kit thereby, it prevents getting from fouling and another residue build-up in the muzzleloader.

Hence, you should use the cleaning kit to basic clean your muzzleloader. It is a small cleaning kit that comes with few cleaning tools. The cleaning kit also comes with cleaning spray solvent, excellent cleaning lube, EZ clean breech plug, nipple clean grease.

These cleaning tools also come to protect your muzzle exterior and interior parts.   It has included EZ Clean™ products. Furthermore, the EZ cleaning product has come to advance and easy to clean deeply to use the Cleaning Kit.

Finally, the cleaning kit works very well for the muzzleloader. If you are looking for a top muzzleloader cleaning kit then you can consider the traditional Cleaning Kit.


  • Included 4oz EZ cleaning spray solvent.
  • Wonder lube 2oz bottle.
  • Supplies Breech plug and nipple grease.
  • 100 plus cleaning patches.
  • Standard cleaning kit


  • Provides advance cleaning.
  • Well, work for a muzzleloader.
  • The mop is very soft.
  • Well made attachment.
  • Easy to use

How to clean a Muzzleloader

Only collect the cleaning kit not enough for you. you have to know how to clean a muzzleloader with a cleaning kit. It is a very important matter how is easy to clean the muzzleloader.

However, don’t worry; just follow the under-cleaning steps for that you will be able to clean your muzzleloader in a few minutes. These flowing steps have been designed as a universal way to cleaning and oiling for your muzzleloader.

When you buy a gun then, you will get a manual because most gun Manufacturers provide a manual that will have a step-by-step version of how to clean a muzzleloader. By the way, if you fail to collect the manual then, don’t disappoint, just follow the instructions and work accordingly.

Step 1: disassembly and clean your gun barrel

While disassembling the gun barrel you have to alert and make sure that the gun hasn’t loaded your firearms. It is very important because if your gun has loaded then, maybe an accident. Once upon my elder brother had shot himself in the hand toe. Therefore, you also alert when clean the gun barrel. Open the barrel.

  • You take saturated cleaning patches with bore cleaner.
  • After that, run the cleaning patch down the bore barrel with a cleaning rod.
  • Run the cleaning patched many times until clean the barrel.
  • Finally, you run the last cleaning patch with oil that prevents from getting rust.

Step 2: Clean Breech plug and Nipple

In this case, you have to clean the breech plug and nipple. When you complete all the work of steep one afterward you will go to step 2.

  • Open the breech plug and nipple.
  • After that, clean the breech plug and nipple.
  • Now remove the breech plug and keep it dipped in cleaning solvent.
  • Use a cleaning brush to remove build-up fouling and other debris.
  • Clean the threads in the barrel where sits the plug.

Now clean the threads with saturating cleaning patch. Some people forget to clean the breech plug and having to damage it because they forget to apply cleaning oil. However, you clean smoothly and apply cleaning oil.

Ensure apply greasing and oil for that it prevents rust and other debris.

Step 3: cleaning and protection of the muzzleloader

The cleaning and protection steps are an important part to clean a muzzleloader. It can be done with your firearms assembly and disassembly. The breech plug removes very easy. For that, you must be sure that the gun has unloaded. For that, you must be sure that the gun has unloaded.

  • Apply gun powder solvent
  • Run the cleaning patches with a cleaning rod through the barrel. You run the cleaning patches in the barrel repeatedly until properly clean.
  • Use a copper or brass cleaning brass finally to remove fouling, carbon, and rust.
  • Light coat the inside of the barrel with lubricant and protectant.

Step 4: Reassemble all the gun parts

Now you can reassemble your gun. Afterward, you lightly coat gun metals with gun cleaning oil or sewing machine oil. Wipe tour gun outside smoothly. Finally, now it ready for hunting and shooting.

Lastly, if you follow these cleaning steep then, you can clean your muzzleloader without any hassle.


These cleaning kits are the best muzzleloader cleaning kit. We always recommended all the effective products. Besides, we have tried to provide 100% correct information about these products. If you are looking for an effective muzzleloader cleaning kit then you can choose the top cleaning kit from this review.