How to clean a gun

Do you know? As a firearm owner first of all work is to clean regularly the gun. It’s most necessary for every gun owner. Even, it is the first condition before being an owner. As far as I know, before buying a gun you should know about Rules and regulations. Because, if you don’t know about rules then how to maintain your gun! Including the many rules, to clean one kind of rules even one of the most important it into the entire rules. If you want to maintain extreme performance then you haven’t any option without proper cleaning.

In addition, to increase the long-time of your gun lifespan, you should keep clean always. Inadequately preserved all weapons often in the receiver as well as the barrel will accumulate extra dirty and fouling. For that, can barrier to shoot. Even, can be one dangerous malfunction. Such as, some dirt and fouling can be corrosive in itself. After that, it can help to attack rust. Finally, your firearm can be damage. Whatever, you should know how to clean a gun so I will describe one by one in the below best way to clean a gun.

What do you need to properly clean a gun?

  • At first, before cleaning, you should check surely that the firearm hasn’t any ammunition and remove the clip. While you will clean a gun then never you don’t keep your finger on the trigger. When you will clean a gun then you shouldn’t take any food because inner the solvent can be toxic for proper cleaning, you have to buy the best gun cleaner and kit. Even, you should buy the below accessories.
  • Bore brush.
  • Cleaning lubricant or solvent
  • Cleaning rod
  • A patch holder
  • Nylon cleaning brush
  • Cotton wiper
  • Flashlight
  • For smoothness microfiber cloths.

Warning before cleaning:

  • Unload your gun: always have to unload the gun and as many times you have loaded your gun so many times you have to unload to properly clean. Remember that after the shoot at first, you will unload the gun.
  • To become sure you will open the chamber then look at the backside and in front of the barrel. If you want to sure then you should look at the barrel.
  • According to, Advice of manufacture, you disassemble the gun. For proper clean your gun to do disassemble manually from manufacture. In this after shoot due to all dirty parts can allow accessing.
  • Semi-automatic guns and rifles generally will be spread out in their components: slide, barrel, guide rod, magazine, and frame.
  • To clean for Shotguns, revolvers, and more other guns won’t be stripped.
  • Don’t need to clean necessary for field stripping. Not until it needs to prepare. Some firearms without open don’t need anything.
  • Your firearm always cleans in the well-ventilated area because to protect the danger of you and your family it necessary.
  • The solvent or other accessories can be anxious and an odor that can danger for health. So you need to clean safely.

Let’s go now we will know of cleaning step:

    1.   At first, you will clean the rod and patches with the barrel. For your firearm cleaning rod, accuracy size cotton patches and patch holder to use have to wipe. If you can you work in the boring backside.
    2.  To do proper clean the barrel, with the bore in the wipe solvent from one side to don’t until exit keeps pushing. Move the patch, with it, don’t pull in the back.
    3.  To clean gun the bore brush and patch separate: first of all, move the patch holder and fix the bore brush. If you want to loosen debris then you have to up down 3 to 4 times the bore brush. After that, the patch holders reattach, and to wipe solvent the cotton patches keep doing up and down. While they exist in the back then those moves. Continue this process until clean any patch. Finally, you have to continue the same process with a dry patch to dryness. Even, you will check the full work so that, can’t stay any mistake.
    4.  Lubricant: with the cleaning rod to fix the cotton mop. A few drops of gun lubricant Poured and with a cotton mop to continue clean. So that has a light coating. You should do lubricating properly of your gun every odor part because it’s best important to clean.
    5.  Finally, you have finished almost work this time you should pluck the firearm. Even, you need a soft flannel cloth that has to mop of gun outdoor side. If you haven’t any flannel clothes then don’t worried. You can clean any former t-shirt or socks.

How to Clean a Gun You can watch this video:


I hope, you can understand that how to clean a gun properly. Always mixedfav try to give true information that formula, we have discussed how to properly clean a gun honestly. So, you can trust us without any hesitation. Even, remember it, we won’t false information.