How to Clean a Rifle

Are you want to clean a rifle properly? If you are a rifle owner or user then you should clean regularly these weapons. When you want accurate performance from your rifle then certainly need to clean it regularly. However, if you want to get proper service from the weapon then you have to clean properly. Furthermore, you need to know about cleaning ways.

Besides, if you are a newbie on this platform, nothing worry! you have come right place. We have discussed some cleaning tips. By the way,  so you read this article and follow these cleaning steps to clean your rifle.

What are Essential Cleaning Tools to Clean a Rifle?

When you clean a rifle then you need some cleaning tools. Because without cleaning tools not possible to clean a rifle properly. Those are including:

Gun cleaning rod: the cleaning rod is the most important to clean a rifle. When clean my rifle, I use four-piece aluminum cleaning rods that break down for easy to transport and storage. Also, you can use J Dewey nylon-coated cleaning rods. These cleaning rods can’t damage a rifle bore.

Bore brush: you need to proper size bore brush to clean the rifle bore.

Gun cleaning patches: cleaning patches are essential to clean a rifle. You can select a cloth cleaning patch because the cleaning patches inexpensive.

Cleaning solvent: You also need the best gun cleaning solvent. There are lots of cleaning solvents available in the market. When I clean my rifle I use Hoppe’s No.9 for powder removal and shooter choice MC #7 to clean barrel fouling. It works properly and I like this solvent activity.

Rust Protector: If you want to protect your rifle from getting rust then you need to rust protector. You can use barricade, Ballistol multipurpose oil and Rem Oil, or other similar products as a finishing touch.

How to clean a Rifle Step by Step

Today we are discussed step by step how to clean a rifle. If you follow these cleaning tips then you can clean a rifle easily.

Step-1: Unloading the rifle

It is the first and important step for clean a rifle. When you handling a rifle you make sure that the rifle has been unloaded.  Besides, keep the barrel pointed in the safe direction. If you mistake unloading your rifle then can be a large accident. Thereby, ensure the rifle has unloaded.

Step-2: dissembling

In case you are completely taking apart the rifle then remove the trigger assembly and other rifle parts. After that, place the rifle on the gun vise. Remove the bolt and aside from it.

Step-3: clean the barrel

I think always should clean the rifle from the rear. However, at first, you attach cleaning patches end the cleaning rod. The attachment cleaning rod and cleaning patches soak in the bore cleaner. After that, push it through the barrel; remove the cleaning patches before withdrawing the cleaning rod.

Next, attach the proper size copper brush with the cleaning rod then put a few drops of cleaning solvent and run the brush through the barrel several times. Finally, you will run the cleaning patches through the barrel until clean all the dirt from the barrel. Nothing surprising, it can take several times to be clean.

When I clean my rifle then I do strokes usually a dozen. Next, unscrew the bore brush and pull the cleaning rod back out. Now you can run a paper towel over the cleaning rod and brush to remove solvent and fouling.  It can be helpful to remove fouling. You run the cleaning patches again and again until it starts to come out without much fouling.

Although it can be time you can get to the point where you can remove powder fouling. You spend some time removing powder fouling. When you feel pretty good about it. Also, when you satisfied with that pretty clean then push one or two dry cleaning patches through the barrel to get rid of any solvent residue from the barrel.

Step-4: Clean the rifle metal parts

In this case, you need to clean the rifle metal parts. For that, soak a rag or cleaning paper towel with the cleaning solvent. Then use them to wipe down inside the magazine box, bolt face, bolt, Tigger guard, and other all the metal parts. Always I like to clean these metal parts with a toothbrush or other similar brush. Because it helps to loosen the gunk. Now wipe down to get all the solvent to take off. After shooting season you can spray some solvent into the firing pin. You can use compressed air to help bellow it out. Finally, you should clean all the metal parts properly.