How to Store an AR-15 for Home Defense

When you will want to protect yourself from multiple home intruders then, you should consider keeping an AR-15 gun in your home. An AR is the best consideration for home defense. The AR-15 is an excellent firearm that has included ability almost with magazine 30 rounds, and it can fight easily with the attackers.

Besides, an AR-15 gun provides accurate performance when you need it. It is a trusted gun for your home defense. If you use the right ammo so, it doesn’t hit your neighbors out of range. Besides, it’s the best choice for hunting, and shooting because the AR-15 gun is customizable, easy to shoot, low recoil, and lightweight.

How to Store an AR-15 Secure

Just as the AR-15 is a good choice for home security, it is also important to keep it in the right place. If you are considering an AR-15 how to keeping secure so, won’t worry. We have put some tips about how to store an AR-15 in the post. So that makes it easy to keep a gun secure. We think these tips will be helpful for the store your gun security.

Keep the Muzzle Pointed in the Right Direction

It is the primary step to keeping secure the entire gun that has included an AR-15. You make sure the muzzle point will be kept in the direction. The muzzle should be placed in the right direction where there is no need to shoot. Otherwise, shooting can cause a large accident. You should be kept in your mind that the AR-15 gun bullet can penetrate walls.

However, always you should alert because if the muzzle direction by mistake might be other. You ensure dry firing with the gun that makes sure it has kept the correct direction.

Think the Target Beyond

When you are shooting need to consider what’s beyond the target. You can only shoot when you ensure that what is your target and what has the beyond the target, and outside. You Make sure when you shoot with the gun nobody won’t be injured. If the bullets don’t injure anything beyond the target that you should consider an alternative direction. You should consider the bullet how far can go.

Don’t Blindly Rely on Guns

Your gun should be like that the gun always ready to fire any time. It has included a mechanical device for gun safety. The device can be malfunction when it is the most needed for you. Always you have to check the gun and ensure that gun active for a home safe.

If you forget to put off the gun safety for that you make sure AR-15 that works as a supplement handling for the gun safe. Take care of your AR-15 regularly. Not only storage, you should be careful to get proper service from the AR-15 otherwise, but you can also fail to get accurate service. so you should clean your gun with the best gun cleaner.

It has a complex mechanism that only a good store won’t work thoroughly for your home safe. Always remember the gun hasn’t designed forever service. If you care regularly about your gun then, it provides accurate service otherwise, you can feel a problem from wear and tear.

You should know properly when the gun needs to serve, inspected, and adjusted. For that, you have to read the manual of the AR gun. Thereby, you can understand when you need to service it. By the way, you should service regularly of your gun for home defense.

While You will store an AR-15 Gun  What Should You Consider Factors?

It is a very important matter where to store the gun. You should consider some factors when you are storing your gun. Such as:

Condition of Your Family

Do you have children in your home? If you have children in your home so it can affect them. Thereby, it is very important where you store the gun. You should consider storing such a place which the children can’t access easily.

Condition of Storage

How often you use the AR-15 gun that needs to consider. If you the gun regularly so, you need to store this gun accessible place. When you need a gun you take it easy. In case, you keep the gun remove away then you can keep such a place where the place will be dust, dirt, and moisture-free.

When the gun use regularly so, you should clean your gun with lubricant, and protectant that you can put your gun safe from the entire corrosive component.

Law Rules

You need to consider the law rules in your country. When you decide to place an AR-15 firearm in your home before that you know about the rules of the local, state, and federal laws. You ensure abiding by all of the law rules.

How to Store an AR-15 For Home Defense

This is a very important matter you will store an AR-15 gun the place where. You also have to store the gun correct place in your home otherwise it may be risky for you. There have several places to storage a gun in your home. Such as:

Use AR-15 Hard Rifles Case

You can use a rifle case to store the AR gun because using the rifle case is a unique way to store this gun. Rifle cases can be the best choice to store an AR-15 firearm. The rifle case is the best option also transport for you.

This is a better storage option compare to tossing it in the drawer for your gun. It is an excellent option to storage the AR gun. Therefore you can use the rifle case to store your firearm for home defense.

Use the Gun Cabinet

If you want properly store an AR-15 gun for home defense you can use a gun cabinet for your gun. When you use a gun cabinet to store your gun it increases the safety of the weapon. The gun cabinets aren’t very strong as a gun safe but, they provide high security than the gun case.

These gun cabinets have made gauge steel that is very helpful for gun storage for home defense. The gun cabinet has a weakness it isn’t fire-resistant. This is a very affordable option to storage AR-15 guns for home defense. This is another better option to store the AR gun.

Use Gun Safe

When you want to secure an AR-15 gun then you can consider a gun safe. It can be the best option to keep the security of your gun. Most of the long gun safe has dedicated racks and well lines interior which protect the finishing. While you consider a gun safe should make sure that has enough space. For that, you can store your gun comfortably. You make sure that storage an AR-15 gun with a scope.


It doesn’t matter which option you choose for the storage of guns for your home defense. But you ensure that the option provides enough safety for your gun and provides superior protection from physical damage for your gun. The storage system is very costly. For that, you can consider how much money spends on the storage system.

If you are looking for an AR-15 storage option affordable and work properly then, you can choose above the storage system that has the ability to fill your storage demand. You can agree on the above storage system that will be safe for your gun.