How to use your gun cleaner kit?

Who is a passionate hunter, law enforcement, military, etc then he needs to clean firearms. A new gun owner will buy a gun cleaner kit and definitely, he will follow some instructions and few YouTube videos. Because he doesn’t know how to use a gun cleaning kit and you have to do it. Even, you don’t mistake using gun cleaning kits, lubricant oil, or solvent to keep safe your weapons.

Remember, you need specific kits for the specific gun.  If you want, your gun will perfect and long lifespan you have to choose the best gun cleaning kit to clean your weapon. It’s a common task for all kinds of guns. So, you must clean weapons with the gun cleaning kit.  You have to do routine work to clean the gun and keep it safe. If you follow the specific idea to clean all kinds of debris from your weapon then without harm you can use easily your firearms.

Every gun cleaning kit is not similar it’s a bit different so need specific tools such as AR cleaning tools. That’s why you need to follow other gun owner’s manual for your particular gun.

Cleaning a new gun?

You will clean your gun although you are a new cleaner so of course, you need to follow the advice of the manual. You would like to keep your gun for a long lifespan so you have to clean your gun regularly.

Find a well-ventilated space

When you will clean your gun you have to use some gun cleaning solvent that’s flammable. That’s why; definitely you need to choose a ventilated area. While it will check you have to sure, it’s secure. Remember! When you will clean your gun, don’t smoke because you have to deal with strong flammable chemicals. This can be a reason for a serious accident.  So, you won’t smoke.

The Importance of a Safe, Clean Gun

Washing hands

If you are a firearm owner the number one rule is safety. So, when you will clean your gun or doing anything definitely will wash your hands. It will help for your skin and resistant to oils or other foreign substances getting exterior or inner parts of gun cleaner.

Wearing gloves

Important works wear gloves before gun cleaning. Most people wear gloves when they clean guns. These gloves help is safe. It can protect foreign substances. This glove can save from a strong cleaning agent. That’s why for skin, It will be no harm.

So, most of the people prefer these gloves and use them before during gun cleaner kit.

Unload your gun

When you will think that will clean your gun, the first work and most important work that gun have to unload. You will make sure ammo is out outside, there is an accident possibility is done that’s why you could discharge your gun while cleaning the gun. If it is loaded you have a small chance that you can drive shoots a box of ammo so double and triple check this step.

There are much accident is done if don’t unload the gun. So definitely gun has to unload before when you will clean your gun.

This is the time of use if you have a gun cleaning mat. I will highly recommend you. You can use this mat because it’s very helpful. It’s using something to protect your surfaces from scratches and solvents.

Use a bore snake as a gun cleaner kit

If you are a gun owner and want a good performance definitely you have to clean, care, and maintains your gun properly. That’s why you need to bore snake.

If you want to save your time to clean you can use this bore snake before using your cleaning rods. It will remove only takes and some of the gunk in about 10 seconds. It’s very affordable for time.

Bore Snake

It has 4 sections such as bore brush, main floss area, brash weight, and first floss area. This section will clean the weapons quickly.

Disassemble your gun

You have to read the manual. But if you haven’t found an owner’s manual so you need to find their website or YouTube video and follow this. If you want to clean your gun then it’s wise to clean a different part of the gun separately. Disassemble your gun easy to clean too much. If you have a gun vise it can be protected properly. This gun vise is very helpful and amazing keeps working. It will be amazing work for long guns.

If you are not comfortable disassembling your gun then you can take to help gunsmith of professional.

Cleaning rods

Brass boar rods are best for gun cleaning.

Your cleaning rods preserve and you choose a properly sized brush. Then you would like to start off with a bronze cleaning brush and you won’t use your favorite gun cleaning solvent.

Best Gun Cleaner Rod 1

You don’t mistake this brush to pull almost 5-10 times. Don’t push and be sure to pull only. This bore brush only in the same direction running, this bullet travels will prolong the life of the barrel.

Gun cleaning patches

If you would like to get rid of grime long-standing grime in your firearms definitely you have to use gun cleaning patches. Firstly, you need patches and each cleaning process needs 10- 15 pieces patch. When you will clean then if you see, the first patch has dirty you will use another one. It’s a low price so don’t worry. It’s the main goal of these patches will become out white and until it won’t be white you have to need brushes through your gun again.

The gun cleaner kit parts

Gun cleaner kit parts with come little gun brush. Indeed, you need a dry brush to clean your gun dust then another brush you use some solvent and pull the bore. Finally, for the final touch, you need another one.

Take a gun cleaning tray

For gun cleaning, you have to take enough time because you have to clean your firearms every small part. That’s why you should take time and patience. It’s not easy for everyone so it’s not clean dirt, dust, and wipe. It needs your full-time involvement because if you don’t enough time firearms won’t be properly clean.

When you will clean the gun then definitely you need a tray because as for reason you will lose any tiny parts and it can lead to a disaster. So you must take a gun cleaning tray. It can help you. So I will tell you while you will open the gun’s parts definitely you will take a tray.

Remove all solvent

To do you should use dry cleaning patches for gun mop attachment. If all cleaner had finished, you can apply some lubricant.


During gun cleaning, you need to use some kind of lubricant. Firstly, you need some specific lubricant for the specific gun. Besides, hoppers can make good lubricant that should apply to use well after a gun cleaning. It can protect your gun from dust accumulating. Which will gunk to leak buildup your gun.

Clean the exterior

For this task, you can use a double-sided wire toothbrush. Easily keep a small bit of CLP on the brush and need to clean any areas, that skip.

You need to clean a small bit of rust around the mechanics. Sometimes, you can see a little tiny speck. If you don’t find it right away tiny speck easily spread.

Wash your hands again

If gun cleaning is finished, you will wash your hands again. After washing your hands you should rub use a little oil and it will remove that any fingerprints of the gun.

Submit your gun

Gun clean is finished, and then you would like to make sure your hands have sticky with lubricant and you put all pieces back.


This process is very important to follow for many kinds of type of firearms.  Every gun cleaner kit has different elements but most of the same brush and rods included. For gun cleaning, you have to routine maintained. If you follow the above rules I hope you will get help.