TekMat Gun Cleaning Mat Reviews 2022

Do you Tired of using towels or other Mats? Then, the Tekmat Gun Cleaning Mat may be best for you. The Tekmat has formulated with the original printer and a special way to provide most service. As well as, it is a durable product and able to collaborates up to most to clean without any mess. Let’s go to know more about the product.

History of TekMat:

Tekmat Gun Cleaning MatThe Tekmat ultra has been developed dramatically. Dan was clean Ar 15 with her wife’s towels on the table of the dining room.  He thinks it would only Table to clean the gun but why I am using the towels! It thinks as we that every gun owner needs a comfortable mat.

Therefore, keep creating the best Gun Cleaning Mats. We are proud of his talent. The market has a lot of Gun cleaning mat but why you should verdict it? As a matter of fact, if you compare it with another product then it is an extreme product. Even, including the product has a lot of features.


  • It is scratch-proof.
  • Waterproof/fade, Oil resistant.
  • The Ar has 44” x 1/4” x 15”
  • For the (S & W) has 20” x 1/4” x 15”
  • Soft thermoplastic.
  • Premium stitched edge.
  • It is Durability.
  • Direct-vulcanization.

This mat is one of the best mats as a homemade gun cleaning mat. It is oil and waterproof Even; this mat has Soft thermoplastic. In addition, it’s an ultra-cleaning mat that can use for every firearm. Also, maximum people want to wrap for that can keep any place easily after usage. But, some mats can stay Tough as a result can’t wrap. Fortunately, you can wrap this product easily.

Technical Details:

Dimensions of Package: 17.4 x 4.21 x 3.46 inches.
Weight: 2.36 Pounds.
Manufacturer: Tekmat.
Color: Black.

Why we need a good Gun Cleaning mat?

For every gun owner to gun clean is a common matter First of all, you need the Best gun cleaner kit and oil to properly clean a gun. But, when you will start to clean then you need a comfortable place and a soft mat. Because sometimes can attach oil and others dirty on the cleaning table or cleaning places. In addition, it helps hand of slippery of your gun times of clean. Even, the Tekmat will help as a collaborator.

Sometimes you need an outspread mat but you don’t get rang mat. If you take it then may fill up to your necessary enough place to keep tools. Whatever, if your mat doesn’t be good then which problem can be! Notably, while you will clean a gun then you will find the best gun cleaner. Similarly, you should verdict an extreme mat to clean comfortably.

How to clean your Takmat?

You know that every gun owners need the Best Gun cleaner and kit. Even, it knows they as well that should clean their gun regularly to good performance and to survive long-term. Like that, after a few days should clean the Takmat. It clean is very easy. But, some people clean one way again; on the other hand, some people clean another way. For that, I have kept a list of cleaning steps below.

  1. At first, you will take like quantity water in a stretch pot or if you want, can use your sink as well.
  2. You have to blend with a mild detergent in the water.
  3. After that, you keep soaking the mat for some time.
  4. You will rub the different odor parts.
  5. With some water wash it.
  6. You take a tissue paper or soft cloth and clean the mat properly.
  7. Finally, you need to dry one the high place. Even if you do care, you can keep in the sun.

Which problems can be if you don’t clean the Mat?

As a matter of fact, it hasn’t any specific problem as don’t clean gun. While you won’t clean a gun then you have to face to face many problems. But, if you don’t clean a mat then you may simple some problem. Like, the mat to see some dirty.  Even, sometimes can odor as solvent or oil etc.

Overall, I will say that although it isn’t a common problem nevertheless you should clean regularly. Because to stay clean who doesn’t want to?

Final thoughts:

The TekMat Gun Cleaning Mat has reached a great stage for the best service provider. If you are looking for an extreme mat then you should verdict it. Because I recommend that product has been best sell and able to provide the best service. I hope, I have been able to provide real information in this Tekmat review. Moreover, it’s helpful for every gun owner